How It Works
  1. Using your report writer in your ILS system, request a query of your holdings to be generated in a MARC or CSV (text delimited with quotes for text qualifiers) output file. You may create multiple lists from subsets of your catalog -- such as by subject area, or lists identified for weeding or storage
  2. Bowker allows file uploads via a Browse button.
  3. After providing Bowker with basic information about the format and contents of your file, your holdings will be matched against the core list you choose by ISBN, LCCN & Title & Author, or Title & Author, or LCCN & Title.
  4. When the analysis is complete, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to log-in to Bowker’s Book Analysis System to view or download your reports.
In addition to your core match file, four value-added files will be provided, including:
  • A no-match file
  • A file of the invalid ISBNs in your collection
  • A file with the new 13-Digit ISBN conversion for your submitted files
  • A file on the duplications of multiple formats or editions for same title
All files can be downloaded in CSV format for easy use, further analysis, and incorporation into your ILS.